100% Confidentiality

Specializing in treating substance use disorders and other behavioral health issues

Are you at a place where life at times seems like a  struggle? Certain decisions seem to create more problems, yet you continue to make the same counterproductive choices?  Our fears can influence the decisions/choices we make.  Fear can also prevent us from making choices that are in our best interest. Substance use and behavioral health disorders often affect our abilities to make healthy decisions. Working together,  we can understand how and why you make the choices you make.  Most importantly, we can look for healthier alternatives for choice making.

Having an unbiased nonjudgmental personal exploration with a professional counselor can help ease some of our daily challenges. While gaining insight may at times be uncomfortable, it can also lead to personal growth across many of life’s journeys.  I encourage you to take the risk and enlist the aid of a counselor. A problem shared is a problem split in half.  Whether is it me or another counselor, I encourage you to find one you can connect with and start your journey toward achieving the life you want to live.