What to expect

  • Typically, counseling begins with an assessment.  During the initial assessment, the counselor will ask you questions about yourself, family, friends, life style, medical, work, belief systems and the reason for engaging in counseling.  This as mentioned above is the initial assessment, however the assessment process is a work in progress.  New information is always added to the whole.
  • Once the initial is completed, you and I will work together to determine a plan of action.  These are objectives that you want to address and with the insight from the counselor objectives that focus on addressing the reasons for engaging counseling.
  • During additional sessions, you will begin your insight exploration by identifying problematic behaviors, ineffective ways of thinking and better alternatives that lead to long-term recovery.
  • While uncomfortable at times, the challenge is for you to be as honest and open with your counselor as you can be.  Having a full understanding of the issues provides a more tailored treatment.

The University of Florida has a nice overview of counseling expectations: http://chp.phhp.ufl.edu/services/psychology-clinic/what-to-expect-during-therapy/